Chat GPT V/S Google is the latest talk of the town and is creating the right buzz all across the globe. With the latest developments in this AI tool, it is being compared to Google off lately, and that’s because both seem to be serving the same purpose of answering user queries. An established and renowned affordable seo company in Perth will make the proper use of both tools to craft the most strategic and advanced digital marketing strategies.

Going by the details, chat gpt follows a contemporary approach of answering with a dialogue-based human conversation. While Google works by searching billions of web pages and coming out with the most relevant searches. If both follow a different approach altogether, then why are both compared to each other continuously? Let’s look for an answer:

How Are Social Media Marketing & SEO Services Optimising Chat GPT To Craft Best Digital Media Strategies?

Since there is a lot going about Chat GPT, first let’s find out what are the capabilities and limitations of this new advanced version tool of AI:

Precise & Accurate Response:
One of the primary appeals of Chat GPT is that it replies in an accurate manner, just as you are talking to a human. The best part is it replies in the most precise form.

Your Virtual Assistant:
A trusted social media marketing company in Brisbane will know all the latest trends and tools in digital marketing. Chat GPT is one of the most advanced tools that can easily play your virtual assistant by drafting anything you desire. For example, poems, blog posts, stories, or whatever.

Adjusting & Adaptive:
Chat GPT can produce multiple outcomes of a single query with a slight change in your text prompt. It adjusts and adapts to your query forms.

SEO Services Company Are Utilising Google To Craft Best SEO Tactics:

Google’s Database Is Huge & Varied:
There are over hundreds of billions of web pages index in google. And with the help of this massive database Google can produce the most relevant results within fractions of seconds. And this insight is crucial for an affordable seo company in Perth.

Google Gives Information In Real Time:
When it comes to checking with real-time updates such as booking and scheduling a flight or train, google works best. If you are a travel company, you can make the right use of Google while collaborating with a social media marketing in Brisbane.

Google is Free For a Lifetime:
One of the super excellent benefits of Google is that it is free and doesn’t require you to pay for any subscription model to avail of its services for now or future. Registering your business and online presence on Google with the help of an affordable seo company in Perth. It will always be a beneficial idea for your business growth and expansion in the long run.

Wrapping Up: There is a contrasting contrast between Chat GPT V/S Google, yet these both are being compared on some level or the other. But with their individual capabilities, it would be no mistake to say that these are both different and extremely useful to bring out the best possibilities. And unexplored dimensions in the digital marketing landscape.

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